Better stories equal better newscasts . .  Today, you need information FAST.

NewsKing combines a powerful database structure with easy point-and-click operation to provide quick access to story information, regardless of where it comes from … wires, internet, word processor, or on-line. Integrated sorting, viewing, editing and organizing newscasts is the secret behind NewsKing.

NewsKing uses the Microsoft SQL database. These databases can track thousands of scripts, e-mail, wires and Internet packages every single day and contain extremely powerful searching tools which make looking for archived scripts very, very quick work.

Converting this data to scripts is handled by Microsoft Word which allows you to import and export a wide variety of file formats (rtf, ascii, html, etc.). Dynamic audio, video, captioning and graphic commands are fed directly to the intended device and triggered during the show using our special DNO’s (Director’s Note Objects). All automation is performed by Comprompter with no third party software needed. You only have one number to call for support.

NewsKing lets every reporter in the newsroom scan the wires and/or Internet for the stories that interest them. They can even set their own preferences and view the results right on their workstation.

NewsKing’s preview mode allows you to quickly scan wires, etc and view them and/or cut and paste while also working on your script.

Rundowns are created and maintained easily with drag-and-drop utilities. You can have more than one rundown open at any time, along with different wire searches for instant viewing of any of them. Moving or editing scripts immediately updates all prompter and automation so there is no need to re-send any information. Scripts can be edited, moved or dropped within seconds to air. Each rundown allows the use of collapsible segments for ease of viewing and timing different pieces of your rundown.

Archiving of the news is managed by NewsKing automatically! The archive is updated at a designated time after the show so the producer doesn’t have to even think about it.

Individual user permissions can be set using Windows log in privileges or a variety of NewsKing permissions, which may be given by the system operator from the rundown to the individual script and/or user.


NewsKing Assignments

Text Box: The Calendar-based Assignment Desk organizes your day!







Comprompter NewsKing brings true accountability to the Assignment Desk.  Whether reacting to a breaking story, planning for the next day, or scheduling an event months in advance, NewsKing gives you the organizational tools to do the job.


The Assignment rundown displays, in chart format, a summary of each job so the assignment editor can easily track the day’s events.


Attached to each assignment is an electronic index card containing the specific information needed to successfully carry out each task.

Rundown columns, colors and size, are designed to be customized to fit your newsroom needs. 


This is the who, what, where of the newsroom!

NewsKing Contacts



NewsKing Assignment Desk

 ·     Tracks assignments by who, what, when, where, and displays the current status of each

 ·     Tracks your staff by their schedules so you always know who is available and when

 ·     Tracks your contacts by their area of expertise, as well as, where and when you last used them

 ·     Accepts “futures” Days, Weeks, Months and even years in advance of the assignment date

 ·     Assignments can be forwarded to any user, dropped into a show, or another assignment date, and are available to everyone in the newsroom … from any computer

NewsKing Contacts keeps track of who you talk to and why and allows you to quickly search and retrieve that information.

NewsKing Wires Management






















NewsKing Wires Desk


·      Accesses wires from every workstation

·      Uses Customizable searches

·      Maintains wires online for days or weeks

·      Searches received or incoming wires

·      Searches by selector or category code, priority, or by word(s) or text in the story, and/or any combination of these

·      Displays current wires in List or Preview mode

·      Provides instant editing of wires via cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop, or good old fashioned rewriting

·      Sends any edited or non-edited wire to any newscast, selected assignment date, or to a show for immediate prompting


NewsKing keeps the whole newsroom informed of breaking stories and helps you find the details quickly.


NewsKing Scripting

Text Box: Produces two column scripts or full-page documents of any type (after all it is Word!)




NewsKing Uses Microsoft Word

NewsKingă, using Microsoft Word, produces radio or TV script formats or any other Word document.  Reporters can either write scripts on their own work desk, drag and drop the finished script into the show, or work with the newscast producer right on the show rundown itself.

Directors' Notes (DNOs) are simple fill-in-the-blank windows for all automation … Captioning, CG, Video, Audio, Stills, and any other script or device commands.


Word … a world standard word processor.


Directors Notes (DNOs)

Text Box: Entering script instructions for any NewsKing script is as easy as “filling in the blanks” … even for the most sophisticated machine control. 







  The writer simply fills in the requested information.  NewsKing will, in real time, call up the proper template and fill in that information … all in the correct type style, color, location, etc., specified by that format.  All machine control commands are totally transparent to the writer.

Directors Notes (DNOs) are totally system customizable script or device commands.


NewsKing Producing

























NewsKing offers a full range of features and capabilities giving the producer control over the content and context of the presentation from the preliminary rundown to the on-air show.


Each show can have:

·   its own “template” – and  its own format

·   A status column showing the script status

·   Alphabetic or numeric numbering scheme

·   its own “template” – and  its own format

·   Number/renumbered pages with a keystroke

·   Scripts created, edited, moved, or deleted with a keystroke

·   The producer having immediate, access to wires and bulletins or any other data in the system

·   The entire newscast automatically archived after the show.



NewsKing Producing On-Air

The RED Prompter bar moves down the Rundown automatically displaying the show’s progress.


Compares actual hit-time to projected hit-time and instantly calculates and displays the light/heavy time as every new story begins.


·      The timing prompts can also be displayed on the Prompter for the talent to see.

·      While the show is on-air, the producer can move, drop, edit scripts, or even create new scripts up to 5 seconds to air for the next script. The producer can access wires or bulletins, edit them and include them in the show if necessary … again, while the show is being prompted on air.

·      Any changes made by the producer are instantly and automatically updated on the prompter and all devices being automated (CG, Stills, Audio, Video, Captions, Cameras and so on).


The Producer is really in charge of the show!