Imagine posting your newscast to your home page without any of your staff knowing anything about HTML editing, without re-typing your scripts or re-editing your video. That’s what you get with NetVid.

So simple your part-time people can do it!!!

NetVid captures your entire newscast … you select which scripts you want to send by simply marking them and selecting “Publish to the Web”. Only items you select are sent to the Internet within minutes … NetVid automatically removes all commercial breaks!!

NetVid Publishes the Script and Video with a single Keystroke!!!

NetVid features a powerful built-in editor to allow you to trim your news stories to the exact starting and ending frame. You can even merge stories together to make Leads, PKG’s and Tags into a single clip … or combine several stories to make a special Webcast.
















You can even produce complete Webcasts with NetVid!!!

If your NewsRoom Computer System doesn’t keep you connected to the real world … it’s time to step up to Comprompter’s NewsKing News & Automation system and NetVid … the newsroom system that makes sense.

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