News King: NewsKing combines a powerful database structure with easy point-and-click operation to provide quick access to story information, regardless of where it comes from … wires, internet, word processor, or on-line. Integrated sorting, viewing, editing and organizing newscasts is the secret behind NewsKing.

School Master - Closing & Cancellation Automation: The Comprompter SchoolMaster closing and cancellation package supports Local or Internet Manual Entry, or (with an Internet Data Source) can be a completely automated system that requires no staff time or intervention to gather weather related delays. Gathered data can be posted to your Web Page either Manually or fully automatically.

Net Vid - Internet Publishing Automation: Publish your Newscasts, selected Stories, or create unique Webcasts for your home page without being a techie. Award Winning Software that allows anyone in your facility to easily and quickly post audio/video and text to your home page!

Vote Master:
Comprompter's VoteMaster Election Night Reporting software is one of the industry's most powerful and flexible election data automation systems available for Broadcast! VoteMaster features a fast Microsoft SQL™ Database for immediate results collection and recall.

The first generation of VoteMaster was marketed for 22 years until this year being replaced by VoteMaster XL – a 100% Windows Application. VoteMaster and VoteMaster XL are trademarks of Comprompter, Inc. La Crosse, WI.

NewsCast Automation: Add-On Software Modules that control a variety of Control Room and Production Devices.

        These Add-On’s require NewsKing to operate;  

Certain Software Modules have specific Computer Functions and/or Hardware requirements so they come complete with software and hardware installed on a computer provided by Comprompter.  


Equipment Cost:

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