Comprompter VoteMaster XL handles 1st 100% XML Election

La Crosse, WI


The final Democratic Primary held in South Dakota was a first for Comprompter’s new VoteMaster XL Election Night Reporting System. For the first time ever, VoteMaster handles an entire election in which all Data Ingest, Printouts, Web Feeds and CG Output were exclusively in XML format.

The South Dakota Secretary of State recently completed a total rewrite of their election results data output software to distribute election results to their Internet Web Site. The XML-based media site performed extremely well. Comprompter wrote a SD-SS WebWire to ingest this data and to parse it into the VoteMaster SQL Database.


Comprompter CEO, Ralph King said, ”This project turned out to be a bit more than we had planned on, but in the end, everything turned out just spectacular. I really have to compliment the South Dakota Secretary of State, Chris Nelson, and his staff for the job they did on their end. They were great to work with.


King continued, instead of transcoding the data into an ASCII text file first, we saved a lot of time by processing the data directly in XML, storing it in XML then having VoteMaster automatically draw out the finished XML data to a character generator and to our web-posting module.”


The Windows-based VoteMaster XL™ was released in 2007 to replace the existing VoteMaster™ election system Comprompter has had out since 1987.


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