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The Advantages of a Script-based News and Automation System

NewsKing NewsRoom and NewsCast Automation


A Script-based NewsRoom Computer System (NRCS) is one where all the elements required to visualize a story are contained on a single document – the Script. The advantages of a Script-based newsroom system are fairly obvious.

The first advantage is that the Script is a single piece of work; it is presented in a logical, sequential order; all human reactive information appears in a readable format. A simple read-through of the Script tells you everything you need to know to Present the Story, Produce it and Direct it.

The second major advantage of a Script-based Newsroom becomes evident when you add Automation into the “Presentation stage” of a newscast. Because the Script contains all the instructions (CG, Video, Camera, Stills, etc.), the newsroom system can transfer this information instantly to any and all devices from the single News Rundown generated by the Producer in stacking the show. There is no manual “building” of an automation rundown by a Director because that work is already done. If a Producer moves, adds, deletes or modifies a Script, the NewsCast Automation Rundown is immediately and automatically updated to reflect that change. This renders obsolete another whole layer of hardware and software that would be required by third-party automation vendors, or by the media object system pushed by some newsroom vendors.

Obviously, the more layers of hardware and software required, the greater the expense of installation, maintenance and, most importantly, standardized operation in the hectic, live environment of a newscast.

Thirdly, and the least appreciated aspect of a Script-based News and Automation system, is the media asset management capabilities already present in the design.

A finished Script is essentially an envelope that contains all the information needed to present a story … the words, primary video, secondary video and the requisite information to recall these elements. When a Script moves into the Archive, it represents everything needed to retrieve any and all of these elements … including but not limited to … Video information like Metadata and/or Clip ID’s, Format, Duration and Outcue; CGs that identify Who, What, When, Where; Still Store images that enhance the narrative portions. One of the greatest advantages of Script-based Automation is that every word in a Script is Searchable … including the contents of every production element.

Sure you can store a finished program with all the program elements recorded, but for repurposing selected elements of a story in the same or different format, it’s far more efficient to store these elements as separate but connected elements. The result is once you find a story, you can copy, paste or move any portion of that Script into a new script that immediately recreates all the elements you have chosen to carry forward.

This repurposing of any material means you don’t have to locate a particular asset because the Script-based Automation system tracks primary video and will recreate the secondary video either exactly as originally produced or based upon the look of the format the Script is currently being repurposed for.

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