SchoolMaster will take the pressure off your news staff when they’re already struggling just to get to work.


SchoolMaster is a Web-based Application that allows your Schools to Login, select a Status and a Comment  in less than :30 seconds. By the time they are logged out, SchoolMaster will have already made an Air-Ready CG to notify your viewers.


Special Price for SchoolMaster $10,000

… or Rent SchoolMaster for $4,500 per year.



(Monthly payment terms available to qualified buyers. On-Site Installation & Training also available.)



SchoolMaster Alert Beacon!

A powerful Notification System built inside of SchoolMaster monitors SchoolMaster and sends out a screen message to alert your Control Room Operator of new closing and cancellation data.


For a limited time, when you purchase SchoolMaster we will include the $250 optional notification package that turns on a flashing light to get the attention of the operator. Now there can be no excuse for not taking the closings to air immediately!


The Alert Beacon can display in your choice of 3 colors. (Normally Green, Orange and Red.)



Comprompter News and Automation    

For more information or to order, please contact:

Sales: 608-498-4525                                                         Ph: 608-785-7766                               or       


SchoolMaster is a stand-alone software package for Networked Windows Computers. SchoolMaster supports nearly all makes and models of Character Generators.


Automated Ingest

SchoolMaster Closings and Cancellations will even ingest Internet Data from Distribution Services like SNOWCAP and WeatherThreat … companies who specialize in gathering school-related information!!!

SchoolMaster pulls data in; parses it; selects the schools in your broadcast area and makes a CG for them in a matter of minutes; AND can even publish this data to your website … all automatically.


Keep your staff working on News … Let SchoolMaster take care of Closings and Cancellations!!!


SchoolMaster is a Trademark of Comprompter Inc.