Record Video at will Ö


NewsKing Hot Encoder provides instant digital recording of an Audio and Video signal.


Hereís how Hot Encoder Works

1. To Start Recording

o        Click on Start.


2. To STOP Recording

o        Click on Stop.


3. Edit the Video

o        Start up NetVid and select the Hot Encoded Video.

You can use our built-in NLE Trim Editor to place an IN and OUT point for the Start and End of the desired video portion.  


4. Publish to your Webpage

o        Select "Publish This" and post the clip immediately.

The media file can be Saved to an NLE workstation for more advanced editing if you desire.


Internet Newscast Publishing. 

If your newsroom system doesnít automate your world Ö itís time to step up to Comprompterís NewsKing News & Automation system with NetVid.


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